Naiyang Park Restaurant

The Naiyang Park Restaurant will certainly be a favourite with the resort’s guests. Situated at the front of the resort, the restaurant is only steps away from the beach and the resort’s bungalows. An extensive menu of Thai dishes excellently prepared by the chef is on offer, with levels of spiciness ranging from novice to true southerner. It’s all up to you how you wish to experience the exquisite flavours of Thai cuisine. The relaxed atmosphere means that the afternoon or evening will slip by unnoticed while you truly enjoy your holiday.


The Boss Bar is situated right next to the Naiyang Park Restaurant and is a great place to spend an evening with friends, enjoy a fabulous meal, a few drinks, and be entertained by a live band. The décor of the bar is a mixture of a comfortable western saloon with antique and collectors’ items from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The menu offers some western pub favourites as well as a choice of Thai dishes, while the beverages menu offers drinks from mocktails to wine, and beers to spirits.